this is one of my images i took one late nite as the clouds try to cover the moonlite, Hey is the world trying to cover your light for CHRIST JESUS , let your light shine for the lord , walk in his will call on him in all things you set forth to do in life, and if you don't know JESUS as your lord and savior call on the name of the lord ask CHRIST JESUS to come into your life this day in JESUS name, i would say to you it's ok to CHOOSE HEAVEN ' God wants you to he LOVES you very much, i know your friends may say why do i or we need to go to HEAVEN, WELL TELL HIM OR HER that one day you will DIE , and the only way to go to HEAVEN is to know JESUS as your lord and savior, pray for your friends that they will come to know JESUS as there lord and savior, and if you don't have a church home ask JESUS to help you to find a church home, then talk with a minister about what God will is for you to do in your life, Hey thanks for your time and have a bless day